I Am of Sound Mind?

I will ouline the psychiatric states programn.The Feared Scret Police Purge.I will try to put your mind at rest, those who are on the run!
Great concern has been shown over mental health problems, particularly schizophreneia and the so called dangerousness to the public.Autorative sources will confirm that this is vastly exaggerated, but gives licence to police/state powers.Concern is that a danger exist from the (male partcularly), will deliver violance in the community on innocent by standers due to the malfunctioning of his mental processess.The factory like drug solution in the mental health centres treats these persons whomit reckonizes as a danfer, and are successful if they can deliver the ability to see to their clients, that they are not accrately interpreting external sources of information.In therecognition they are blind.This eliminates danger that that the client would otherwise be prone to, colecting or deliverring.But it is very difficult to do, as with a blindness, by definition he looses the abillity to see he is blind.(because he has no way of seeing).
Once the patient can see that they are "blind" they are not a threat and are released.
If people push buttons due to misinterpreting what they see they can be dangerous.This is exceedingly common in all walks of life.I was detaained on this premise for 20 years, but the truth has been concealed.Under intense experimental study for 25 years , I never push buttons in this way.It only takes 28 days to diagnose, so I was verifiable vindicated from the outset.However these sort of misinformation techniques are a norm for any governemnt to use and I was used for their prpoganda purposes for a long time.Information in the confidential vaults of the forensic psychology departments vindicate what I say here.
Others you may note, including yourselves in the most part have not been subject to these tests, and are less likely to be cleared of irrational resoponses than I.Therefore i should not welcolm any adversersary to my sound diagnostic position.

My dignosis was only officially quashed in 2007 when a court convened to enforce previous misinformations.Freedom was available to clarify the information of this case, where it was not previously.I therfore sufferred 29 years of misuse by our government.This is not uncommon.

But this posting does ouline that my medical position in terms of mental health was fabricated. It is sound ,and always has been, but for a period of drug misuse in the 70,s.
There is no mental health case with myself.


They treat almost exclusively with drugs,which eliminate incorrect processing of information.Their clients are messed around with an instituional programn of activity for 20 0r 30 years.They have no say in the matter.No feedback is delivered to them as the services cover up their non-understanding at the highest level.
The point being is that they say it is anillness which is subject to the belief that a cure is fcorthcoming.
But it is an intrinsic damagewhich is irreversableand should be looked at in the followinf wqay.When a mirror is broken it is not possible to return it to its original form.
There is not an outside influence that can deal with this situation ,it has to be sorted out by the afflicted.
responsibillity is entirely removed from the patient and a forced programn is applied which does not understand the nature of the problem.It is in direct conflict to the resolution of the problem.False promises and hope misleading their clienta with the forced dose of pill leucotomy.
They completly scupper the indeviduals chances of getting his/her motor back on the road, with their so called scientific understanding.


This is a complex arguement acedemically , but very obvious in a practicle sense, that it has in modern times become an attrocity.
There were in early time a sound arguement ,in my view for a mildish form of this. i.e leaving your body to science, for well needed advancement, perhaps in the fifties.And to a certain extent to the killing of healthy animals, such as rats and other creatures that could sustain the losses.Even sick and affected humans , but the arguemnet was a 2 way street, that benefit was delivered both ways, and the donor did not make a bigger loss than was already there.
The human side , I am perhaps more concerned withh and have had some experience here myself, was unwritten in most respects, that the surgeons skills could put the pieces back togther again after dealing with them. Animals also. This does not differ in the case where death is part of the arguement. The same applies here, the subject being better off here, also.The spiritual nature of the arguement.
However as I said this was a 2 way street, which very much relied on the truths of the medical peolple.With a truth that is, a Nature Truth,(which used to be the case).It was often an exceptable arguement.It is nowadays nowhere near an exceptable arguement. Spiritual damnation is the results. The acedemic professuon is bankrupt and corrupt.An not a bona fide medical practice. Nor are holistic doctors, either.
It is illegal by natural-law, (which is Law),(origins of all human laws). In my view , this practice has not always been contrary to natural human laws.

It is now an antichrist situation , and the scientists need pulling up off of their high horse.


Medicine is the total human biology and health, nowadays referred to as including the Central nervous system/ Brain, but in older days refferring very much as health objective for mind and body, recognizing the close relationship.
In an unusual way their is a unified simple soluion that solve the problem of all illnesses, and that is death. It is a nature fact for instances why cholera, bubonic plagues and othe health problems arise and thei outcome is to deliver death. Since the dawn of time this ahs been normal and with nature puposes. One can hardly fault the arguement that the illness terminates after this point in time when death results. Even for cancer. For all illnesses.
Holistic doctors know this and also know thatsubconciously the purpose of the illness is to deliver death as well as physically.There froe they can endeavour to defeat the illness by putting the mind into that psychology state.i.e death.This is why cannabis has so many sucesses with heqlth problem, because when they mind recognises tht the purpose of the illness has been realized, it self corrects automatically bring in physical automatic regenerating and active responses. It is a two way street,and illness. The virus AND you.

Medicine is so advanced nowadays it realizes every body to be perfectly healthy, which thaey very much are not need to be killed basically and they are quite right on medical grounds. But the point is they sdhould look at it holistically most time as well and realize the human nature does need a natural death.Psycholically is ideally the publics choice/preferance, by far. It can not always be a psychological solution ,(natural psychology)It would still be of a greater benifit for a real natural death than no cure at all.